Start Your Journey to K2 Nexus


Our team of K2 experts are ready to guide you on your K2 Nexus journey, whether you already know your chosen path, or you want guidance in which route to take, we're on hand to support you each step of the way. 


1. Discovery Assessment

As part of on-boarding we will take the time to evaluate the current status of your existing K2 environment.

2. K2 Upgrade

Now that we know where your resources are we will upgrade you to the latest version of K2 on-prem, seamlessly and without any effect on your current apps or developments

3. Set Up Cloud

Dependent on which path you have chosen we will either deploy your K2 Nexus or set up your managed K2 Private Cloud and then configure any existing apps located in on-prem.

4. Update and Deploy

For the final stage we will ensure all of your K2 apps are equipped with new tooling and approaches before we finally deploy everything into K2 Nexus.

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